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SWIM BIKE RUN - Multi Sport Coaching
Do3 Coaching - Swim Bike Run
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Do3 MultiSport Coaching - Swim Bike Run


A bit about us......

At Do3 Coaching we are passionate about helping you improve and reach your goals. Whether you are a novice looking to enter your first ever race, an experienced age-grouper looking to push on to that next level or a pro hunting for a place on the podium, we offer a range of services that will help you get there. 

Being centrally based in the UK, we offer Triathlon and Swim Coaching to athletes based in Warwickshire, the West Midlands and surrounding areas. We also offer online coaching services to athletes worldwide, so whether you are an open water swimmer from Birmingham looking to shave minutes off your swim time, or a triathlete from overseas looking for quality online coaching, we will be able to help you.


Our Philosophy

We are passionate about Triathlon and about helping people improve and reach their goals. We believe that in order for coaching to work effectively there must be a genuine connection between the coach and athlete. We pride ourselves in making sure that connection exists and we maintain regular contact with all of our athletes. Due to the relationship we have with athletes, we are 'tuned in' to what it is that drives them, what their goals and aspirations are, and also what barriers may need to be overcome. 

At Do3 we take a holistic view of the sport when training athletes. Triathlon is a sport in its own right and should be treated as such, for this reason we do not coach the individual sports in isolation - We coach triathlon. We coach people to swim well, but also to be able to bike and run afterwards. We coach people to bike well, but always with a view to being able to run straight off the bike. Our coaching methodology has been developed after time working alongside some of the world's most successful coaches, more of this below......


The Squad

All of our athletes become part of the Do3 Squad. Being part of a squad means that you have other people to talk to who are going through the same things as you and probably have the same hopes, fears and doubts. It also means that you have an extra level of support when you need it in addition to the support you will get from your coach. As a member of Do3 Squad you will be invited in to a closed and private Facebook group where you are free to do things like arrange joint training sessions, get help and advice or just generally pass the time by talking all things Triathlon!

Do3 MultiSport Coaching - Swim Bike Run
Do3 MultiSport Coaching - Swim Bike Run
Do3 MultiSport Coaching - Swim Bike Run


The Coach 

Do3 Coaching is led by Head Coach Dave Knight. Dave has spent many years as an athlete in the sport, racing all over the world in the various distances. He has competed in numerous long distance/Ironman events including Ironman UK, Wales, Lanzarote and the European Championships at Ironman Frankfurt. In addition to this Dave has raced as part of the Great Britain Age-Group Team. Dave still races, but has now focused more on helping athletes realise their own ambitions and he is a passionate and knowledgeable coach. 

As a coach Dave's philosophy is that you never stop learning. He actively seeks out opportunities to work with other top coaches in order to gain experience in the methods that lead to success. Dave spent time working alongside Brett Sutton* and his squad of professional athletes in St. Moritz. This experience with Brett has helped shape Dave's own coaching methodology and many of the sessions Do3 athletes complete have their roots with Brett in St. Moritz. 

Dave's passion for coaching was recognised by World Renowned swim coach and founder of 'Swim Smooth' Paul Newsome.  As such Dave was invited to train to become one of only a handful of officially certified Swim Smooth coaches - at present there are only 25 worldwide. All Swim Smooth coaches are trained in advanced video analysis and stroke correction. Video analysis is by far the quickest and most insightful way to improve your stroke - Click Here to read more

Formal Qualifications and Recent Relevant Experience

  • British Triathlon Federation Level 2 Triathlon Coach
  • Amateur Swimming Association Level 2 Open Water Coach
  • Swim Smooth Certified Coach 
  • TriSutto (Brett Sutton) Certified Triathlon Coach
  • Ironman University Certified Triathlon Coach
  • Head Coach - Stratford upon Avon Triathlon Club
  • FutureFIT Personal Trainer
  • Trained in Functional Running Assessment and Gait Re-Education
  • Multiple Ironman Finisher
  • GB Age-Group Triathlon Team Member

*Brett Sutton is arguably the most successful coach in Triathlon history having trained multiple Olympic and World Champions including Nicola Spirig, Chrissie Wellington, Daniella Ryf and Mary-Beth Ellis

Do3 MultiSport Coaching - Swim Bike Run
Do3 MultiSport Coaching - Swim Bike Run


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