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So, we are all set! Swim Squad CSS Testing is complete. Time to get focused!

So with the swim squads having now done a full week, we have competed the full round of CSS testing. Now I have a VERY good idea of the squad members abilities and what the 'pecking order' is looking like.

This opening round of testing was a crucial stage in the squad set up because without this we would have been effectively flying blind – how can we create athlete specific sessions without knowing what their capabilities are?!

Now we have this information we can do several things:

  • Allocate lanes (and in some cases sub-groups within lanes)
  • Plan appropriate training paces
  • Plan specific sessions based on individual swimmers ability
  • Introduce squad members to their 'lane mates'. Your lane mates will now be your friends, supporters, motivators, and I'm sure to some – competition (friendly of course!).
  • Set opening benchmarks to monitor progress and development. 

Now the fun really begins!…….


If you are interested in finding out more about our squads or wish to join then visit: 


other reports by: David Knight
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