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Do3's new and improved booking system is not far away!! Launch Date 01/04/19

We are always looking for ways to improve the service we offer to athletes. Over the last few months we've been busy beavering away behind the scenes creating a better squad booking / payment / management app interface for you all to use. and the good news for YOU is it won't take more than:

  1. A click of a link in an email
  2. The download of the new version of the app to your phone
  3. Creation of a new password
  4. To enter your CC details (if you wish!) for future session credit payments and / or a new "set and forget" auto-renew function.

We have been grafting hard to ensure that all your historical data comes across and cross-referencing and quadruple-checking everything to make sure it's all fully reliable and robust. 
I believe you guys all deserve better, so whilst they say that "if it's not totally broken, don't try and fix it", I think the following improvements will ensure that the new system is well worth the minuscule amount of effort you'll need to do yourself to port across onto the new system which should go live at about 6am on Monday 1st April 2019. Here's hoping you like it and can see the benefits!



New App Screenshots…..

Here's what you can expect:

  • All the cool stuff that you've come to know and love about the Do3 app but fewer bugs and more certainty that your account is working properly, including a clearer picture of how many true session credits you have remaining at any given time. Things like the brilliant waitlist system will still work.
  • A much easier web version of the booking / payment system for those of you who don't use the actual app
  • The option for your session credits to auto-renew when you run low, saving you time and energy.
  • A much easier interface to allow a password reset if you happen to forget yours
  • A more robust / reliable auto email system, keeping you up to date on when your credits are running low.
  • A brilliant reward points system that celebrates your consistency and performance within the squad with some cool prizes and discounted purchase options.
  • An easier way to book squad sessions and 1-2-1 Video Analysis Sessions online
  • A simpler app interface that will always ensure you know immediately if you're logged in or not and not left wondering whether or not your WIFI access is the thing to blame
  • Credit and rewards for referring your friends and loved ones to partake in what you've come to love as part of being in Do3 Squad

I hope this whets your appetite for what is to come, but in the meantime, Corinne and I will keep chipping away in the background.

other reports by: David Knight