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Do3 Coaching Athlete Feedback and Testimonials

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Do3 Coaching Athlete Testimonials

Much appreciated the clear and logical assessment of my recent 1-2-1 visit last week. Have studied the video clips a few times and re-read the appropriate chapters in the Swim Smooth manual which all makes much more sense now ! Have followed the various links you sent so fins and big pull buoy on order. Couple training sessions in and already find body position in water improved so quite excited to see how the overall performance develops over next couple months. will keep in touch and fix a review session in due course, again many thanks for your patience and great advice, 

David - October 2017

Thank you very much for last Thursday's video analysis & stroke correction setting. Needless to say, I found the whole session to be very useful & productive. Really helpful to a) see what I was doing [good & bad] and then b) working out what the various causes were. It's great to have a visual & audio record of your analysis and our discussion for my permanent record, and it was helpful to have the footage of elite swimmers for comparison. 

Even after only a week, I'm really glad that we worked through the most important & relevant drills to ensure that I was doing them right - it's one thing to learn drills from books/youtube, but it's a whole different ballgame when you've actually been coached to perform the drills correctly!

Looking forward to seeing you in 6months for a follow-up session!

Angus W - October 2018

"The Do3 swim squad is friendly, inclusive, extremely well organised and offers superbly constructed training.  I was given invaluable feedback during my first session and saw improvements in my stroke very quickly.  There's always plenty of friendly banter amongst the squad and encouragement for each other at all levels.  The place to be if you want to improve your swimming!"

N Osborne - Warwickshire - September 2016

"I swam competitively as a teenager, but stopped, and didn't get back into a pool properly until I turned 30. I needed a focus and with a complicated work life I don't have the time to commit to masters swimming so joined the Do3 squad and it's the best thing I've done. I've dropped minutes from my times and feel stronger than ever in the pool. I've also been inspired by the rest of the squad's efforts to get on my bike and go running and have completed my first sprint triathlon within 6 months of joining. As a total newcomer to sport again it's great to be part of such a friendly team. Keeping up with everyone's activities on Strava motivate me to keep getting out there and training - I can't recommend the squads highly enough!"

J Wrottesley - Warwickshire - September 2016

14 seconds off a hundred metres in four months!

I first met Dave for a one to one stroke analysis session. I had spent the previous months swimming without being able to identify which of the myriad of technical faults I had was causing me the most problems. Within a couple minutes Dave had identified the key areas holding me back and clearly explained what I needed to do to address them. Rather than pick out every problem he concentrated on the key points which meant I did not feel overloaded once I got back in the pool. I have since joined his swim squad where his training sessions which have been great and varied which helps keeps them interesting. During the sessions Dave's feedback and analysis has helped consistently improve my stroke. In the four months since I have been swimming with Dave my time per hundred metres has gone from 2:03 to 1:49 a speed which I would not have imagined doing when I first started. 

D Black - Warwickshire - September 2016

I just want to say a huge thanks to Dave for his dedication and professionalism in helping me start to reach my potential. As a new triathlete I wanted to push the boundaries of what I could achieve and jumped in at the deep end (no pun intended) and signed up for a 70.3mile distance race this year. Before training with Dave I had serious doubts about reaching the swim cut off and targeted a 50min swim time. However under Dave's coaching I managed to complete my race and got out the water in 38mins. As an added bonus Dave has also helped me improve my sprint swim by 12%! The squads are great fun and I have only ever been made to feel welcome and part of the team. Thanks Dave for your support and guidance, the results speak for themselves.

A Smith - Warwickshire - September 2016

I started swimming in the mornings before work. Initially I couldn’t go a full 25-yard length without stopping to not drown! I looked on in awe of those in the fast lane that seemed to fly up and down the pool faster than I could run – and repeat the process indefinitely with seemingly no fatigue! In these early stages, I couldn’t even swim 100yds, let alone time it!

A frustrated ‘Google’ after one of these sessions resulted in finding Dave’s DO3 coaching. I contacted him, explained my plight and the upcoming 70.3 challenge.

Dave responded reassuringly – not that I was reassured! He was confident that he could get me through the 1.2 mile reservoir swim and would explain how at an intro session. I decided that perhaps a video session would be most beneficial and agreed the details with Dave.

I arrived at the pool (slightly rushed as there was a motorway closure en route – Dave’s patience was illustrated here as he hung on for an additional 45 minutes to compensate!) 

Dave then ran through what the session would include and proceeded to take a detailed brief including where I was in terms of ability, where I’d come from and where I wanted to get to. I explained that I was struggling; by this point I could now swim about 800 yards continuously, but it was taking me around 2:30 / 100 yds. 

I jumped in the pool and swum my best front crawl for the camera. 100 yards warm up followed by 100 yards videoed. I focused on trying to look streamlined and long in the water – things I’d read online that swimmers should do.

Hopped out to poolside for a review of the footage and Dave managed to keep a straight face throughout. I on the otherhand was distraught. This smooth, streamlined figure from the pool had somehow morphed into a flapping, bobbing splashy being that literally popped its whole head out the water for every breath. That was the first and most obvious issue. The second issue was that after every stroke, both of my arms ended up by my sides at the same time! No support at the front of my stroke and no propulsion whatsoever… Trust me, it looks ridiculous when you see it but without having that visual cue, I’d have never believed it!

I was then sent back in the water and given drills to complete to keep my head in the water and get the arms working to propel me in a forward direction. Pretty straightforward exercises that I’ve carried on in my own training afterwards. It’s knowing what problems you’re encountering and the best drills to overcome them – that’s where Dave comes in. 

The value that Dave adds is massive. I’ve now progressed to 1:45 / 100 over 3,500 yards and managed to smash the Ironman 70.3 swim in 38 mins, coming out of the water fresh and ready to attack the bike. A huge improvement from being worried about whether I’d finish it within the 1:10 cut off! I completed the 56 mile bike in 3:13 despite the thunderstorms, then went on to a bit of a disappointing run – 2:28 half marathon. Next stop, run training from Dave – he’s a top bloke and very knowledgeable. Better still, he’s an expert in what he does and can effectively communicate what you need to do to make massive, quick improvements. Just what you need in a coach. 

I’ll likely be using Dave on a 1-2-1 basis for complete triathlon coaching next year for Ironman Wales… Next stop Kona J

G Purcell - Worcestershire - July 2016

Would like to send big thanks to David Knight for his coaching and guidance since May to have got me to this stage of the triathlon journey. At nearly 56 I only took this up 2 years ago having taken up running in 2006. My swimming still has a long way to go and my only regret is that Dave is not nearer for more swim coaching. Not wishing to write the full race report here but with a number of health issues in recent weeks getting to the start line was looking like a challenge in itself. Dave went above and beyond in supporting me over the last few weeks so that giving up was not an option!

F Johnston - Wiltshire August 2015 (Following Ironman 70.3 Zell am See-Kaprun)

Tri club: Really interactive and fun as everyone gets involved. Not too competitive and gives everyone a chance. Fair. Learned that just a couple of seconds can make a difference. Really enjoyed the relays. They were competitive but fun because we were in teams of equal talent.

Dave: Always encourages people to try their hardest at all times and pushes people to their limits. He sees the best in everyone but is firm with people who mess about. He gives everyone a chance.

I used to think it was just one big event but now realise each bit in itself is a challenge.

Three words to sum up the club: fierce, fun and friendly!

Z Loftus (age 8!) - Warwickshire July 2015 (Kineton After School Club Triathlon Sessions)

Thanks again for last night, it was great to know that there's plenty I can work on to improve my stroke, which gives me some hope that I can get my swimming up to some sort of reasonable standard.  The session has come just at the right time for me as the swimming I have been doing over the last year or so has given me the confidence to do some open water events without being nervous in any way about the swim leg but my frustrations about pace have been growing of late given the time and effort I have been putting in.

I've come away really positive and will be changing my routine to concentrate much more on drills when I can get pool time rather than just doing lengths.  It's exactly what I've been looking for to really break down my stroke and highlight where the problems exist and how I can work on them, a great Fathers' Day present from Michelle!!

I hope to get into the pool tomorrow morning and start working on the drills, it'll seem a little strange being in the pool with flippers and a beeping head though!  (I'm sure I'll get asked plenty of questions and I can point them your direction! )

The video review was fantastic and is a really powerful tool, I'm quite shocked how inflexible my ankles are and have purchased an exercise mat from Amazon today!!  

I'll definitely be in touch in a few months time, perhaps mid September when I have completed the Cotswold Tri and towards the winter when I'll devote most of my training back to the swimming.

R Holdsworth - Oxfordshire June 2015 (Stroke correction session)

As somebody from a cycling background embarking on my first triathlons, I found the swimming extremely challenging. Before I started working with Dave Knight  at D03, I struggled to complete more than a length of freestyle without stopping.

Dave was able to quickly identify the issues in my stroke that were holding me back and recommended a clear sequence of drills and training sessions to help me address them. In our one-to-one sessions, he was patient and encouraging and was always ready to adapt his programme to match my progress. 

10 weeks down the line, I’ve completed three sprint triathlons, two of them with open water swims. Even more importantly, Dave has given me the tools and insights I need to go on improving my technique and swim fitness. And, for the first time, I actively look forward to putting on my goggles….

J.Ward - Warwickshire February 2015 (Series of 1-2-1 swim sessions)