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Coached Athlete: Lucy Mapp

I’ve always been sporty and have a background predominantly in athletics. Turning my hand (and legs) to everything that was going in track & field at one point or another: high jump to hurdles to heptathlon to pole vault and then to middle distance… you name it, I’ve done it (and yes that includes the hammer!)

My introduction to triathlon came on a summer activity holiday. After a week of tennis, wakeboarding and kayaking I wanted to tick off everything that was on offer so signed up to the early morning easy(ish) bike ride. Having never ridden a road bike before the first challenge was how to balance, and then how to keep going and be under some sort of control. By the time we reached the top of the first long climb and re-group point I was up at the front and absolutely loving it! 

Having a background in running and swimming since I was little, with this new found love it made sense to give triathlon a go and spurred on by some others on the ride who were triathletes and ex-GB squad members. They not only sowed the seed but sparked a fire inside me. 

For the rest of the week I was truly hooked on road biking and went out almost every day on different and more challenging rides. Definitely the under-dog with no bike shoes, cleats or a fancy jersey with pockets for my ride snacks (something I was super jealous of), just my running kit and trainers. I later devised my own snack carrier using a spare water bottle and the second water bottle cage on the bike and finding the straightest banana I could and stuffing as many other goodies as physically possible around it for the ride!

Back in the UK I was ready immerse myself in the world of triathlon and shortly after, signed up for my first race. The following weeks were a whirlwind of activity and a steep learning curve, trying to learn as much as I could about the sport - the rules and requirements, different types of trisuits, how to get into and out of a wetsuit (and quickly in transition), open water swimming practice, and just what I would actually need to compete a triathlon race! 6-weeks later I was at the pre-race brief, a little apprehensive of what was about to follow and how it would go, but also very excited to see what I could do. A swim, bike, run, two transitions, a few disasters but a lot of memories later I had finished my first race and was ready for the next one!

I knew I wanted to see how far I could go in the sport, and had investigated coaching in the build up to my race. I was eager to get the ball rolling, however I also knew that it was sensible to get the race under my belt first to make sure that I wasn’t basing this all on a far-fetched dream. Race done I was straight on to contacting a couple of coaches I had lined up as potentials. Dave immediately impressed me with not only the speed of his response but the time, effort and personal approach he took (even before I had decided to commit to his coaching programme). He took me seriously, took my goals, ambitions and dreams for what they were, never for one moment made me feel like I was aiming too high or being unrealistic and was encouraging even beyond my original targets.

Training with Do3 has already paid dividends – my swim times have come down significantly as well as fine-tuning my technique to a more triathlete-friendly stroke, my bike power is slowly inching up and sessions I would have once thought were impossible to ask of me, I’m completing without a second thought. It’s not just the training sessions and weekly plan but the whole package: the individual coach-athlete support where everyone is taken as an individual, but also the encouragement, advice and companionship of the rest of the like-minded squad members – something I’ve found in valuable. 

Chatting with Dave and Corinne is a breath of fresh air; as athletes they see and understand things in a very different way and can relate to so many things that others can’t. Becoming a part of Do3 coaching has, quite literally, changed my life! I’m now pursuing a totally new, and completely contrasting career path to the one I started out with, and with aspirations to achieve the childhood dreams I had of making something of myself in sport.

I’ve still got so much to learn in many different areas - racing, training, equipment, nutrition, jargon… – and a long way to go to build up, get stronger, faster and fitter to push myself to the top of my game in order to be able to compete up there with the best. It’s a journey, one that I’m very much enjoying and look forward to each new part of it as it unfolds. I know that with David and Corinne, and the rest of the Do3 squad behind me it’s going to not only be the greatest journey of my life, but also a very enjoyable and hopefully successful one too.








Do3 Athlete Profiles

We have a wide range of abilities within Do3 Squad, ranging from Pro's to newbies. Our athletes have a wide range of reasons for taking part in the sports we love and being involved in the squad. Some want to be super-competitive and win races and some simply want to stay fit and train alongside their squad-mates. If you are still unsure about whether you will fit in, take a look at some of our athlete profiles below. They are in no particular order, some are individually coached athletes and some are members of the wider squad. 

Squad Athlete: Marcus Gaskell: view details

My journey competing in triathlons began relatively recently in 2014 having said that my background in sport started at the age of 10, swimming twice a day with the local swim club.  Swimming set me up for running and competing for my county, Cumbria, at cross country and in the English Schools cross country championships as a teenager. Like most kids, I used to love the freedom of riding my bike after getting my first Raleigh road bike one Christmas and trying to emulate my father who was a keen amateur Club cyclist.  Fast forward to 2014, I entered Banbury’s local Sprint Triathlon with zero training to see if I’d like it and enjoyed it so much, I booked further Sprints at Blenheim and Eton Dorney to get more experience and better my times.  Since then I’ve followed a much more structured training plan as I quickly decided I wanted to move up the distances to Olympic, Half Ironman and ultimately at some point ‘box tick’ a full distance Ironman one day!

Squad Athlete: Joe Lee: view details

Hello! I was born in 1982, I am happily married with 2 awesome kids. I used to be sporty when I was young, played for 3 football teams, rugby for high school and Stratford RFC and I also plaid badminton for south Warwickshire. I then found cigarettes and alcohol! I smoked up to 40 a day, became massively overweight (19 stone). I then met my awesome wife Kimberley and within 3 months I quit smoking started to be a lot more health conscious, joined the gym and subsequently did a level 3 personal training qualification.

Coached Athlete: Georgina Lord: view details

I was 19 when I was introduced to disabled sports only shortly after contracting an illness which left me as a wheelchair user. I have tried and competed in various sports since then including wheelchair basketball, rugby, squash, sled hockey, and wheelchair racing despite never being into sports before my disability. It was in 2018 when I found paratriathlon. I attended a Tri4Tokyo event hosted by British Triathlon and was immediately hooked. I had always thought of triathlon as a very tough sport and was unaware that it had been adapted for wheelchair users and those with other disabilities. One of the things that captivated me about paratriathlon was that I could compete in a sport that takes so much strength and endurance just like any other non-disabled athlete.

Coached Athlete: Jake Louis: view details

​I started triathlon when I was eleven. I did my first race as a bit of fun thinking I’ll never win with a mountain bike, however after leading out the swim and somehow hanging on I managed to win and immediately agreed that a road bike was necessary. Since then I have been looking forward to April to start the season of racing every year.

Coached Athlete: Marc Bozdogan: view details

Just a normal guy ….

If you had said to me 2 – 3 years ago, and a 2 stone heavier golfer … what I would be doing in a few years’ time, I would not have thought it would being a coached athlete training hard for my first up and coming Ironman.

Coached Athlete: Lucy Mapp: view details

I’ve always been sporty and have a background predominantly in athletics. Turning my hand (and legs) to everything that was going in track & field at one point or another: high jump to hurdles to heptathlon to pole vault and then to middle distance… you name it, I’ve done it (and yes that includes the hammer!)

Squad Athlete: Stuart Pryor: view details

I have been a keen mountain biker since a teenager and still consider this my passion. Even though I now spend as much time running and swimming as I do on my bike, I still don’t consider myself a “triathlete”, more a cyclist who dips in and out of triathlon so that there is always a challenge on the horizon.

Squad Athlete: Sara Northover: view details

I started Triathlon in 1992 as moved to a new area in Wiltshire and joined the local running club to get to know people. A good looking young man at the club suggested I go and swim with them all, not wanting to pass up on the opportunity to see him in trunks I went along! I started to race not long after that and went to the Worlds in Cancun in 1995 and Lausanne in 1996. In those days it was just as much partying as it was racing so didn’t do that well but loved the sport. I raced for Total Fitness Swindon for many years and travelled with them a lot to Club La Santa, Jersey and Guernsey competing in the triathlons out there, again just as much partying! In 1999 I became National Half Ironman Champion and went on to do a full Ironman in Austria not long after.

Squad Athlete: Neil Wicks: view details

My first ever real endurance event was the Stratford marathon in 2003. I was going to do the half-marathon but realised for an extra £2 I got double the distance. Bargain. However, finishing in a time of 4:00:50 annoyed me so I had to do more. This is how my triathlon journey started.

Coached Athlete: Anita Howe: view details

I have always been interested in sport from an early age which has continued on throughout my life. In 2013 I decided to have a go at Triathlons whilst I was still fit enough after playing hockey for many years, and I have never looked back.

Squad Athlete: John Wrottesley: view details

I was a club swimmer as a teenager, but stopped at about 16, and then rode horses competitively (Eventing) as my only sporting activity. 

15 years later I wanted to start swimming again to keep fit and lose a little extra weight that was creeping on year by year (I didn’t want to get too heavy for my horse) and by coincidence discovered Do3 Swim Squads were about to start locally so decided to give it a go.

Coached Athlete: Corinne Moss: view details

Completing a triathlon was one of the challenges I was set by my husband for the year I turned 40.  I’d always enjoyed the individual disciplines, but never had the confidence to put them all together.  My first event was the Avenger Middle Distance at Ragley Hall. I’d never run a half marathon before, let alone combined it with the 1.2 mile swim and 56 mile bike, so my goal was just to finish.  I ran the last mile with the biggest smile on my face, knowing I was going to make it, and that was it, I was hooked!  I finished 2nd in my category and 6th woman overall and was high as a kite for days! 

Squad Athlete: Lisa Parry: view details

I was a competitive swimmer as a teenager, but had rarely swum as an adult and had taken up running (slowly!) in my mid-20s. I always ran alone and entered my first sprint triathlon in 2014 for fun and without knowing any of the other competitors. In early 2016 I heard about a swim squad starting in Stratford and was pushed into joining to accompany a friend – I initially didn’t want to join as I thought it might be full of intimidating, experienced triathletes, who would look down their noses at me! How wrong I was.

Squad Athlete: Mel Knight: view details

I started running in 2010 when my employer sponsored a half and full marathon race and looked for volunteer runners…..

Squad Athlete: James Hartwright: view details

I’ve been doing triathlons for ages - ever since winning a saddle for coming 5th in an Ironkids event in 1988!  I’ve grown up with triathlon from the early days of garish swimming trunks and baggy vests through to super-aero sleeved trisuits and various fashion crimes in between!

Squad athletes: Sally Abell and Katriona Collins: view details

As two of the older women in the squad - they are 58 and 59 - Sally and Katriona have always been active, cycling regularly, running occasionally, walking miles and playing other sports (golf and tennis).

Coached Athlete: Paul Nash: view details

At the age of 50, I wanted to do an event to raise money for Cancer Charity, so I entered a “Super Sprint Triathlon” on the South Coast. It was a Sea swim, and too be honest I stood on the beach start line, 17st and nervous, wondering what I had entered. Well I struggled to swim 200m in the sea,  pedalled like mad on a “Mountain Bike” and got nowhere fast, and jogged and hobbled on a 2.5km run. It was not the fastest time, but I sat on the beach afterwards feeling totally elated and completely hooked, on the sport of Triathlon.

Coached Athlete: Andrew White: view details

My relationship with sport had always been a tick box mentality until I joined Do3. This way of thinking had led to me to doing many bucket list sporting challenges; swimming Alcatraz, swimming from Asia to Europe and Europe to Asia, running the full moon marathon in Norway under the northern lights and most recently completing Marathon Des Sables. 

Coached Athlete: Mike Willers: view details

I stopped playing rugby in 2012 when I hit 40 and things started hurting too much! I was a bit lost without any sport in my life until my brother raced a 70.3 event at Port Macquarie in Australia in 2015

Squad Athlete: Paul Squire: view details

Unlike the more serious athletes in the squad, I don’t have huge aspirations in the sport, but enjoy training with a great bunch of enthusiastic people. I’m keen to improve my fitness and hopefully keep chipping away my swimming CSS pace. 

Squad Athlete: Mike Davis: view details

I am somewhat of a novice in the world of Triathlon, less than 12 months ago I decided to do an Ironman after watching one on holiday in Lanzarote in May 2017. I was almost 15 stone and unfit and decided on a challenge to do the same race in 2018.

Squad Athlete: Guy Bicknell: view details

I’ve been training and competing in Triathlon since 2010 when I took up a new challenge with the Rugby Sprint Tri after feeling I’d achieved all I could in running and losing motivation.